Liebster Award

Yesterday morning I woke up to a message that I was nominated for an award called the Liebster Blog Award. I had never heard about it before but after further investigating it was quite exciting.

Thank you Dirty Boho Love for nominating me!

So here’s how it works:

  • Introduce the blogger who nominated you and link to their site
  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you
  • Choose 11 blogs and tag them in your post (don’t forget to let them know that you’ve nominated them!)

11 Things about me

  1. I am a fashion student from Melbourne
  2. I have a small heart tattooed on my left wrist
  3. I am obsessed with all things social media
  4. I love the night life
  5. I love the Olsen Twins style
  6. I love my polaroid camera
  7. I work as a part time receptionist
  8. I am a shopaholic
  9. I have over 100 rings
  10. I am currently loving the neon trend
  11. Family and friends make me happy


11 Questions for set by Dirty Boho Love 

  1. How do you spend your free time? Blogging, Shopping and catching up with friends.
  2. Who is your favourite designer? Alexander Wang , it is forever changing.
  3. Summer or Winter? Winter, the more layers the better.
  4. What was your dream job when you were little? I think I changed my mind every week, at one stage I wanted to be a chef.
  5. Most embarrassing fashion moment? If i looked back on old photos I am sure I could name many…
  6. What is your favourite Store to shop at? Being a student means I always seem to be poor, I don’t have a favourite store as such, if I like something and it is the right price I buy it. I do purchase regularly from ASOS, Sportsgirl, Glassons and Dotti.
  7. Hair horror story? I used to love butterfly hair clips… i once wore 52 at one time…until they got band because they were a hazard, I still laugh about it with my friends.
  8. Favourite movie/tv show? 90210
  9. Style the most describes you? I am a little bit of everything I guess, depends how I feel when I wake up that day.
  10. What is your favourite trend that’s out right now? Printed trousers and of course the neon trend.
  11. How did you choose the name for your blog? I used my instagram name ifuseekaim3e, and as it is a fashion blog thought it would be only appropriate to add it on the end.

11 Questions the Tagged Blogger must complete

  1. Where did you get your current hand bag from?    
  2. Who is your favourite designer?   
  3. Favourite current trend? 
  4. Why did you start your blog?
  5. Favourite place to spend a night out?
  6. What is you favourite perfume?     
  7. Do you own some pieces of clothing that you wear regardless of the actual season?      
  8. What is your favourite shop?     
  9. What is your favourite TV show?     
  10. Something you can’t live without?
  11. Why did you choose such a name for your blog?    

My 11 Nominated Blogs (check them all out, you will love them!)

1. Denise Linnea Lindell

2. Studded by Sara 


4. The Chic-ly

5. Love and Lemon

6. Mojo Me

7. Critic Housewife

8. Style Refine 

9. As Time Goes…Buy

10. Vintage Vicar

11. Diamonds and Spikes 

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